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Finisterre team up with Reskinned to launch trade-in clothing service

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A decade after launching the brand’s Lived & Loved repair service, Finisterre are taking the next step towards a circular economy by launching a trade-in service sitting under the same name.

Teaming up with Reskinned, a service powering takeback, recommerce and recycling for brands, customers can now trade in their old Finisterre apparel for credit to spend with the brand from today. A Finisterre resale platform will subsequently launch later this year, allowing shoppers to browse and purchase pre-loved products ready for a new home.

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Born from the needs of hardy British surfers, inspiring a love for, and protecting the ocean is anchored in everything Finisterre does. The brand wholly aware of the harmful impacts posed to our oceans by the clothing industry and committed to finding and sharing pioneering solutions to reduce their impact on the environment.

Notable recent landmarks of positive action from the brand includes the launch of their ‘Leave No Trace’ water soluble, recyclable, and completely marine safe product bags in 2019, a world first, which has been offered open source to other brands. Followed by the UK’s first online activist training camp ‘Sea7’ taking place in June 2021 and now available to watch on demand.

Creating and repairing products that can be completely recycled after generations of functional life has always been at the heart of Finisterre’s design ethos and is the definition of a circular economy. However, as hard-wearing as the brand’s products are, it’s totally understandable that people might fall out of love, stop fitting or end up loving their favourite piece of Finisterre clothing quite literally ‘to bits’.

This is where Finisterre’s Lived & Loved service makes trading in your old gear easy. No matter how battle scarred your item, Finisterre in partnership with Reskinned, will take it, revive it with a bit of TLC if needed, and find it a new home. And for trade ins that have been on one too many adventures, clothing will either be upcycled into new products or fully recycled. Nothing going to waste.

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We’ve set Reskinned up to make it easy for brands to participate in the circular economy and we’re honoured that one of the UK’s most sustainably minded clothing companies has chosen to partner with Reskinned. We believe that brands can play an active part in changing consumer behaviour by rewarding customers for returning their preloved garments to be reused or recycled responsibly. Matt Hanrahan, Co founder Reskinned

The first UK outdoor company to become B Corp certified back in 2018, Finisterre are proud to share their latest milestone in using business as a force for good. Continuing to stand by three guiding commitments: to people, environment, and product that date back to brand being founded in 2003.

“We’re excited to share the launch of our take-back and resale platform, partnering with Reskinned is an important next step in our Lived and Loved circularity journey. Our goal has always been to create durable, long-lasting kit, which has multiple adventures; reducing our environmental impact and connecting our community through shared products and stories.” Debbie Luffman, Product Director Finisterre

To trade-in your old Finisterre gear, book a repair or learn how to care for your current clothing, visit: