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A Look Ahead: Polarmond All-In-One Sleeping System

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Davy Wright checks out the Polarmond All-In-One Sleeping System

As I wasn’t able to make it to Friedrichshafen I happily meandered through the reports and reviews that came out during and after the exhibition. There were a couple of innovative products that stood out. This all in one sleep system from a Swiss company Polarmond was the one, for me, that was a breath of fresh air. It took the OutDoor Industry Gold award at the exhibition.

Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE sleep system 2

Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE sleep system

I got in touch with Walter Krummenacher, Polarmond’s CEO, to try and find out more on how the concept came about. The basic concept came about due to the need for single shelters for homeless and refugees. Once the concept and the market was analysed the initial plan was to bring it to the outdoor market then down the line take it to the Aid Organisations who will distribute it on to people who need it.

Below is extracts from the Polarmond All in One sleep system press release, along with some images, which details how the modular system will work. As well as the different ways the head end can be varied, there will be different liners for use inside the sleeping shell, it is anticipated there will be two options.

Mr Krummenacher told me that the system will be introduced to Europe in March 2016 and will come to the UK soon after. There is no retail price released at the moment. As its release gets closer we will bring you more.


ALL-IN-ONE Sleep System – Ultra-Light and Modular

Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE sleep system 3

A superior night‘s sleep at -30°C

A dedicated team of engineers, physicists, designers and outdoor experts spent three years developing the Polarmond® concept which combines the functions of a tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat into one lightweight, modular product. Swiss start-up company Polarmond’s patented ALL-IN-ONE sleep system helps alpinists, expedition members as well as trekkers sleep better, promoting maximum recovery and increased performance, in temperatures down to -30°C.

  1. Insulation remains constant
  2. Dehumidification management via liner and sleeping room
  3. Temperature regulation for constant room temperature
  4. Drinks, food, clothing, footwear and electronic devices can be placed in warm sleeping room

Result: Sleeping in optimum comfort promotes maximum recovery and increased performance

It’s scientifically proven that lack of sleep leads to mental and physical exhaustion and reduces performance. People who regularly sleep outdoors, from outdoor sports enthusiasts to professional alpinists, experience this to the extreme. The causes of sleepless nights are varied: restricted freedom of movement in a sleeping bag, missing temperature regulation options, slipping from narrow sleeping mats, condensation build-up or decreasing insulation performance once moisture inevitably penetrates a sleeping bag.

Pooled expertise

It was clear to Polarmond founders Walter Krummenacher and Marcel Schubiger that solving all these issues would present an enormous challenge. That is why they assembled a top-class team of physicists, engineers and designers from the fields of product design, processing technology and materials science. The start-up business received significant support from the prestigious Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology EMPA ( in St Gallen, the Institute for Product Design, Development and Construction IPEK based at the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil ( and the Swiss School of Textiles STF ( Three years of development later and the result was the patented Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE sleep system.

Reinventing sleeping outdoors

The patented ALL-IN-ONE sleep system is based on a two-stage insulation concept, designed for temperatures down to -30 °C. Its core component is the sleep shell that forms a generous, tunnel-shaped inner sleeping room with a constant inner temperature. The room is heated by body warmth emitted from the user. The main insulation layer is made of robust, high-quality synthetic fibre insulation with a high lofting capability. An impermeable inner layer stops any moisture from entering the system. While on the outside, a breathable membrane protects the insulation layer from wind and rain. Completely protected, the insulation’s performance remains unhindered. The warm air within the sleeping room is prevented from escaping by the dense outer insulation.

The second layer of insulation is incorporated into the liner that serves as a blanket for the user – without the restricted feel of a sleeping bag. The user can choose a liner with less or more insulation, depending on the outside temperatures expected or individual sensitivity. The liner covers the body and has a skin-friendly, breathable membrane. In between the membrane and synthetic fibre fleece is a moisture barrier that traps body moisture and collects it in the gap. The moisture barrier ensures that body moisture is directed away from the sleeping area (as opposed to using a tent & sleeping bag combination for prolonged periods in sub-zero temperatures, where insulation performance is diminished due to body moisture inevitably penetrating insulation materials). This body moisture is collected and can then be shaken out of the liner in the morning – either as water droplets or ice crystals in minus temperatures. Any moisture that finds its way under the liner is absorbed by the warm air in the sleeping room and can be evacuated via a fully adjustable ventilation opening.

Deliberately avoiding down

Polarmond deliberately avoids using down for animal welfare reasons. Instead, it uses hardwearing, high-insulating, hydrophobic synthetic fibre fleece with high lofting capability
in the shell and the liner.

Warm, spacious sleeping area

Using the fully adjustable ventilation opening, the temperature of the sleeping area can be kept constant and adapted according to the prevailing weather conditions and personal temperature perception. The sleep shell is spacious enough to stow footwear, gloves or clothing in the warmed sleeping room to keep them warm or dry them – without getting in the way. The same goes for other items that should be stored in temperatures above zero (food, drinks, smartphone, GPS devices etc.).

The base of the sleep shell is designed to accept a thermal mat, which is included in delivery. Polarmond had these mats made to measure by specialists Therm-a-Rest®, using their tried-and-tested NEOAIR® XTherm™ technology. In comparisons with classic bivouac tent/sleeping bag/thermal mat combinations, the Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE sleep system comes out on top. It weighs just 4.1 to 4.5 kg (-30°C comfort version – weight varies according to choice of liner). In a cold chamber, the Polarmond system proved successful in tests down to -30°C. The system also easily withstood the mechanical stresses of simulated storms.

Modular system for full flexibility

The Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE sleep system has a modular design. Its core product, the sleep shell, can be combined with various weather protection modules – a minimalistic, ultra-light bivouac shelter or a comfortable tent, which you can sit up in and cook in. The 1-person version of the Polarmond sleep shell will soon be available. In the near future, Polarmond also intends to release a range of multi-person tent options with universal interfaces for attaching a number of sleep shells. The opposing arrangement of the sleeping spaces ensures optimal use of the shared tent area. It also makes communication straightforward, while simultaneously safeguarding privacy. The Polarmond sleep system will be available from selected retailers in 2016.

Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE Schlafhülle Sleep shell

Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE Schlafhülle Sleep shell


Polarmond® ALL-IN-ONE sleep shell

The heart of the system – can be used on its own to sleep under the stars.

The sleeping mat and liner can also be used separately.

Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE Biwak Bivouac

Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE Biwak Bivouac

Polarmond® ALL-IN-ONE bivouac

Comprises sleep shell and bivouac module.

Lightweight and compact, e.g. for use as advanced base camp.

Polarmond All-In-One Zelt Tent

Polarmond All-In-One Zelt Tent

Polarmond® ALL-IN-ONE tent

Comprises sleep shell and tent module.

Compact and robust, e.g. for use
as base camp.

Awarded with Gold

Polarmond’s concept hat already convinced the experts. At the leading trade fair OutDoor in Friedrichshafen (GER) the ALL-IN-ONE sleep system has been awarded with the coveted OutDoor Industry Gold Award. The jury of top-class experts and industry insiders was impressed. They explained excitedly that “The All-in-One Sleeping System by Polarmond embraces research and development from the last 20 years”. The jurors described the system as “innovative and extremely functional”. It would be the first system to consider all factors that affect sleeping outside in all weathers conditions and adapting them to each other accordingly. The Gold Award was the reward for this innovative system.

Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE Biwak-Schlafsystem Cut view

Polarmond ALL-IN-ONE Biwak-Schlafsystem Cut view

Polarmond® – patented outdoor sleep system

Swiss start-up Polarmond®, based in St. Gallen, was founded in December 2011 by Walter Krummenacher and Marcel Schubiger. Their original aim was to help refugees and the homeless, by designing shelters to protect them from cold or freezing to death. This led to the development of the world’s first ever self-warming and temperature-regulating ALL-IN-ONE sleep system, which in a first step, is aimed at the outdoor market. The patented and modular sleep system will be launched in 2016. Product development is part funded by the Swiss Confederation’s Commission for Technology and Innovation (KTI).