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Amok Segl hammock tested and reviewed

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Amok are a relatively new company, dedicated currently to hammock making. This quote from their website pretty much sums up their philosophy well...“Amok Equipment is run by Norwegian outdoor engineers. Exploring nature is in our blood, be it mountains, fjords, boreal forests or the Atlantic ocean.

The idea to make hammocks was born on a sailing adventure in the Caribbean, but the cornerstone for the unique design, cutting-edge functionality and high quality products, is the strong Nordic outdoor tradition.”

Amok 2

They began with the Draumr, an unconventional side hung hammock that resembles a swing. Have a look at their website here or WildBounds who sell it in the UK..

I was sent their new Segl hammock to review and test; a simple, single panel hammock with an integral hanging kit.


Material -20D Robic Nylon (30% stronger than regular nylon)

Weight - Hammock: 7oz / 200g

Suspension straps: 5oz / 130g

Carabiners and buckles: 3oz / 90g

Capacity - 330 lb / 150 kg max weight

One person hammock

Max length: one size fits all.

Pack size - 6 in x 4 in x 4 in / 15 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm

Amok Segl Hammock on test:

The Segl is a simple, open, gathered-end design using lightweight ripstop nylon fabric. There are no seams in the main sleeping area, so when lying out this means the fabric stretches evenly with no stitching to create any uneven tension. Laid out diagonally, as is the usual technique with many modern lightweight hammocks, there is a very large surface area to exploit. Not all hammocks allow flat lying, yet despite being classed as a 'day' hammock or as Amok call the Segl, an 'Everyday hammock', it still allows you to use a sleeping pad at night thus getting the essential insulation needed under you.

Amok 8

The hanging kit being built in is a plus, reducing the need for attaching lines or whoopies, so set up is easy using trees of the correct dimensions. I have found the tree hugger straps to be adequate at 3 metres. You can either make a simple loop once around the tree or object and clip the aluminium carabiner straight back over the strap or, as pictured below, loop round twice to make a more even brace.

Amok 5

Any trees that are wider apart, or a larger circumference than the provided straps allow and you would need to be adding more slings or roping. Personally, I'm confident in improvising, but it's a consideration with this hammock. Essentially, using young trees or adequate boughs spaced correctly are best for this hammock to avoid carrying extra gear.

The cinching buckle system is easy to adjust and once under tension is very firm. It is important to have all the strapping running evenly through the buckle and ensure there is no twisting, otherwise it won't work properly and slips. Set up correctly and there was no slippage as I climbed in for that tentative lie down to test it for the first time.

Amok 6

The Segl lacks a bug net, so you're unlikely to be sleeping in it in a Scottish forest in mid-June. However, I will gladly use this hammock under a tarp in autumn and winter avoiding any bugs and I know I can get a full winter mat diagonally across it and sleep comfortably.

Amok 3

The hammock is light enough to throw in a bag and use as a luxurious seat on a lunch break on a walk, yet generous enough to be a main sleep system option.

I don't have much to criticise about its functionality; It works well and has good design features and crucially it is very comfortable. However, what really lets it down is its price. Despite it having the integrated hanging gear, I find the online price of approximately £105 a bit too much. It is after all a simply designed hammock made from nylon, with no bug protection or extras, such as a mat sleeve or any storage solution other than a built in bag for packing it away. There are other cheaper options out there with better features.

Where the Segl does win for me though is the small pack size: a low weight of 420g all in is impressive. I have added a tarp, pegs and a sleeping mat to total 1100g which fits neatly in an ultralight bracket for longer adventures.

Amok 7

It stows away nicely and I've been happy using it overnight as a camping option and this summer it's been in my car and I've used it for a snooze on the odd summer evening. Although it is designed for one adult, I can fit my two children in it and they love lying about in it. It is certainly more than just a garden hammock and I will be happy to use it on hikes in forested areas in the future.