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Eagle Creek Gear Warrior 65l wheeled duffel tested and reviewed

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The 65 litre Eagle creek wheeled duffel, can take you from lake to mountain, across cobbled streets and uneven paths,

It can hold more than enough gear for a week on the road, including laptops and various sports items - but rather than being cumbersome, its 5 handles means its way more manoeuvrable for jumping on and off that train or going down stairs. It’s also water resistant and 100 per cent environmentally friendly, so you feel good about that too, as well as having a pretty stylish looking pack.

EC Bag 7

What the Manufacturers say:

Find new meaning in “living out of a suitcase” with the Gear Warrior™ Wheeled Duffel 65L. Organized and fully off-road capable, how far you travel should never be restricted by the luggage you choose. This duffel is backed with the No Matter What™ Warranty so it’s built to keep up with you on your off-the-beaten-path, no-agenda-to-be-had, adventure.


  • Lockable zipper and a Central Lock Point with Secure Zip™ Toggles keeps your belongings safe
  • Oversized treaded wheels with protective wheels housing and durable kick plate keep your bag rolling a lifetime of miles over curbs and cobblestones
  • Multiple grab handles and a rock climbing inspired Harness Handle™ for easy grab-and-go
  • New impact-resistant handle system with enhanced tube architecture increases strength and reduces wobble
  • Expandable main compartment adds capacity when needed
  • Equipment Keeper™ holds jackets and gear to the top of bag using the Porter Key™ bottle opener attachment
  • Front compression straps adjust to compress contents and lash gear to bag
  • Top 3-1-1 pocket with key fob for quick access to essentials
  • Interior compression wings shift for snug fit, to keep contents secure
  • Sustainable fabrics includes 100% recycled PET ripstop and recycled coating on durable back fabric with laminated exoskeleton to reinforce high-wear areas
  • Water-resistant fabrics with seamless composite fabrication adds strength to high-stress areas
  • Corners reinforced with Hypalon for maximum protection
  • Loop zipper pulls enable access into bag even when wearing gloves
  • Large zippered door panel pocket for content organization
  • Colourful contrast accents make the bag easy to spot on conveyor belt
  • Large secondary compartment separates gear from clothing, or clean from dirty

Eagle Creek 65l wheeled duffel on test:

My Eagle Creek gear warrior has really been put through it lately.

On a bumpy ride to Italy in the back of a car that’s about to break down en route to the lakes, pulled from the mechanics to the train station en route to Turin and back, To the cobbled streets of Lake Orta and the cobbled streets of Vieux Lyon- to the Eurostar, to London’s metro - oh and on a Swiss train, with several stops to the Valais mountains, from valley hotel to mountain hut at altitude and finally Grindlewald, the home of the Eigar ultra….

EC Bag 1

And the sturdy pack survived with barely more than a scratch, maybe just a few scuffs on the corners and the wheels, thanks to their protective housing, which dealt very well on the uneven ground and didn’t clatter much waking up half the street it was being pulled down..

The best thing for me when putting the bag through such traumas were the 5 ways you could grab it. Over railway bridges, down steps into the underground, avoiding cobbles, the handles made it much easier to quickly move about. Also the dual-tube aluminium handle has two lengths was a plus as normally my arm feels like its being pulled out of the socket as the handle isn’t long enough. The handles are padded too so your hands don’t get sore with all the hauling.

EC Bag 9

It’s size was about right too, not so huge i could smuggle myself in it, but large enough to get a week or more’s worth of holiday wear, sports gear and laptop inside, separated by the two compartments - whilst remaining pretty light for a wheeled bag of its volume. Inside my clothes could also be held nicely in place by the compression straps, helping to free up a bit more space. It was quite a Tardis infact.. with enough space to bring back a few bottles of Valais wine, Franciacorta and dried italian mushrooms, safely wrapped in my dirty running socks, and my lap top felt protected in the padded sleeve.

EC Bag 5

It also didn’t fall over or swing round in my hand much either, especially when thrown in a hurry onto a train - which bigger, heavier packs tend to do.(protecting that precious wine).

Having opened and closed the bag many times whilst on the road, things inside didn’t move around too much so generally I could find a spare jumper or my raincoat quickly when needed. I would have liked another smaller pocket to separate keys, wallet, passport etc rather than the single large one at the front, as my laptop tended to stomp everything else in there.

EC Bag 4

The pack zips and unzips easily, even with a bit of squeezing to get my gear in. They also have reflective pulls which was handy when lugging the pack along dark streets after abandoning your car and trying to find the hotel!

Also, and very importantly me, I liked its coral, burgundy and grey colour and that its sustainably made - with 100 recycled fabric and a recycled coating - that’s also water-resistant, which proved very handy with these summer storms we’ve been having.

EC Bag 8

having been on several trips, via plane train and automobile, the pack looks nearly as good as new, with no zips threatening to bust or any fraying. I’ll definitely be getting many more years out of it and retiring other, bigger packs. In actual fact, for my main sorts of trips, which generally consist of a week somewhere in Europe via the train, i’d almost prefer the gear carrier 45 litre travel pack. But for longer haul trips with more duration it’s ideal - and you won’t miss it on baggage carousel either….