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Mammut MTR 141 Half Zip Longsleeve Shirt tested and reviewed

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Soft, stretchy and quick drying, Mammut's MTR 141 is one of the new generation of "self regulating" shirts. Designed to adapt to your body temperature it tips the breathability v wind resistance scales slightly in favour of breathability while the elasticated fabric ensures a well fitting garment.

Primarily designed for use in cold temperatures, the MTR 141 half zip longsleeve shirt uses  HeiQ's ADAPTIVE moisture management system to maintain a stable body temperature while also remaining dry.

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What the manufacturers say:

The MTR 141 Half Zip Longsleeve Men is a comfortable and quick-drying long-sleeve jersey. The flatlock seams prevent chafing and ensure all-round elasticity. A securable zipper pull allows you to adjust the ventilation very precisely. The antimicrobial PURE® treatment reduces unpleasant odors over long periods of time, while reflective logos make sure you are seen even in fading light.


  • Maximum comfort and high performance thanks to the soft, elastic jersey material with quick-drying properties
  • PURE® antimicrobial treatment reduces perspiration odors
  • With ADAPTIVE by HeiQ for dynamic cooling and additional moisture management
  • Flatlock seams for extra elasticity on the junctions to prevent abrasion
  • Securable front zipper pull for tailored ventilation adjustment
  • Reflective logos for visual safety

Weight: 235g
Areas of Use: Trail Running, Mountain Hiking, Nordic Walking
PVC Free
Available in Dark Orange and Orion Atlantic

On test with Matt:

The MTR 141 half zip is very comfortable. Having used it in the rain and wind I remained warm (Whilst using a waterproof on the outside) and during hotter weather, it remained comfortable and dry, most recently the recent 30+ degree heat I found this top ideal due to breathable, lightweight material which stopped me from being hot and sticky.

141 mtr 3

I was wearing a medium sized top which the fit was perfect for my build, this being 6ft 2 and slim. A good athletics fit but not gripping and restrictive with plenty of movement and give in the top to move around in, making it suitable for running, athletics, climbing and cycling and of course hiking. It’s worth noting the sleeves do roll up but can feel tight on the arms after, the top is best suited to have the sleeves rolled down.

141 mtr 4

The breathable section runs from the cuffs, along the length of the arms and around the back, this being one of the great parts of the design that I appreciated a lot.

141 mtr 2

This top isn’t just suitable for trail running and running as a whole but is suitable for hiking with this breathable section allowing cooler air to run down your back when wearing a rucksack.

To really utilize this design of the top, using a rucksack with air zones or air mesh covers such as the Mammut Trion, Creon or MTR 141 light and advanced packs will better aid you out on the mountains or running and keeping you cooler. As mentioned previously this allows air to run down your back; ultimately stopping your back from getting hot, sticky and uncomfortable.

Whilst out using it in the rain the top dried very quickly but after a run, I found this very refreshing. It’s worth noting, it didn’t feel uncomfortable when wet nor did I feel cold. In windy conditions, although not wind proof I found the top did help protect my body somewhat and take some of the chill factor off but I didn’t and wouldn’t rely on this for long periods of time and did opt to using a jacket after.

141 mtr 6

A handy feature is the small YKK zipper pocket on the rear left. It’s not big enough for a phone but certainly keys or small valuables like an ipod/mp3 player that you don’t want in your hands whilst running.

 141 mtr 7

On the front of the top the half zip is a YKK tapered zipper making it tough and durable. The zip as a whole can open right up allowing cool air to run down the front and circulate whilst running, especially helpful in hot conditions like we have recently witnessed.

Another point to add about the zip on the front is the chin guard, a smaller piece of fabric just over the top so if you do have a beard like myself it won’t get caught and cause un-necessary pain! However I did find when the zip was pulled right up, it was a little tight and uncomfortable, and it felt quite restrictive so I would have it half zipped. On a plus note this area is that your neck is covered by fabric that offers some protection from the elements and stopped a cold chill from blowing down my neck which can be unpleasant feeling.

After running it can be quite common that you end up smelling sweaty and horrible. The antimicrobial PURE treatment does help to reduce odours but from a personal perspective I still had to shower, I wouldn’t want to go straight out to work or out with friends but it does certainly help to reduce odours.

The top has several branded reflective badges which are on the arms, front and back which are bright when a torch or a lamp is pointed at them but how effective they would be in the dark is hard to say. Due to light being too bright as this time of year I couldn’t test this fully but from a safety aspect and basic testing of these reflective badges I would feel safer with them, rather than without. All of the reflective points are higher up on the body and not sat lower where they may be obscured by a rucksack or phone sleeves and hostels.

141 mtr 8 

The top is also fairly bright with its bold Orion blue or dark orange so you won’t be missed either way and as a whole the colours aren’t hideous, in fact I rather like the blue. It’s not over the top or garish like some outfits can be and even if I haven’t been out hiking or running I’ve opted to wear the top on really hot days as its very comfortable to wear in these conditions.

The MTR 141 top is a comfortable and lightweight option for hiking and running, giving flexibility between the two activities with its large cover of breathable fabric to aid with moisture control and remaining cool whether you’re running or wearing a rucksack and hiking.

If you are caught in the rain or do get wet the top benefits from quick drying material so you won’t be wet for long and when you are, I found it remained comfortable to wear. Not feeling heavy or cold. The top is also lightweight, only weighing 235g, the material used allows it to roll up very small and can benefit hikers on strict weight limits. Overall I am very impressed and one to pack for long mountain climbs or to wear for a run in the woods.