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Climber Anna Wells attempts to make history as the first female to complete winter round of all 282 Munros

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34-year-old accomplished climber and founder of Scottish mountain adventure company Rocks and Trails Anna Wells (@rocksandtrails) is set to embark on a monumental journey, attempting to become the first woman to conquer all 282 Munros during the astronomical winter (22 December – 20 March) supported by Ardblair brands AKU and LEKI.

This challenging feat covers approximately 2,000 km in distance and an elevation gain of around 140,000 m.  To date, the winter Munro round has only been completed by three individuals, Martin Moran in 1985, Steve Perry in 2006 and Kevin Woods in 2020.  Anna plans to tackle this challenge with a raw average of 4-5 Munros/day, weather permitting, dedicating 60-70 days out of the 90 available. 

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Motivation and background:

Anna, known for her passion for big mountain adventures, aims to find simplicity and solitude in the vast landscapes.  Despite anticipating periods of hardship, Anna is drawn to the transformative experience of spending three months alone in nature, driven by inspiration from Martin Moran’s book and Kevin Woods’ film.

Kit and sponsorship: 

Anna has been kitted out with a selection of AKU boots and LEKI poles supplied by UK distributor Ardblair Sports Importers.  Specifically, Anna will be wearing AKU Superalp V-Light, Slope V-Light and Croda DFS GTX boots that are suitable for the terrain she’ll be treading and using LEKI Cressida FX Carbon poles throughout the epic challenge.   Anna is no stranger to the quality and comfort of AKU boots after wearing them recently whilst completing the northern three Cuillin. 

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Anna explains further her motivation for taking on this endeavour: “I have always been totally addicted to big days in the mountains.  I just feel completely at home in wild places and I’m passionate about finding adventure close to home.  The simplicity of endless days of walking really appeals to me; away from the trivialities of daily life, but also quite unburdened kit-wise compared to my usual winter activities of ice/mixed climbing, skiing and paragliding.  I love the idea of waking up each morning, packing a rucksack, and walking up some hills, every day for three whole months.  I’m very grateful to those supporting me, in particular Ardblair for supplying AKU boots and LEKI poles, along with my other sponsors Alpkit and Bridgedale.”