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Saxx - Wear some original artwork that’s also reducing ocean plastic

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SAXX underwear is rightly seen as the saviour of men’s tackle, ensuring chafe-free support for tens of thousands of grateful chaps, thanks to its patented Ballpark Pouch technology.

It’s also well known for its wild, fun print designs, usually created by SAXX in-house designers. In search of further inspiration, SAXX has also teamed up with some seriously creative individuals for its Artists Series.

SAXX Ultra Blue and Quest Fish Are Fly

In the current range there are prints from Brett Stenson, a designer and artist living in Portland, Oregon whose work is inspired directly by the natural world. Brett is a massive fan of the outdoors, hiking and biking year-round, so he’s the real deal. You can see Brett’s work in the ‘Fish Are Fly’ Quest Boxer Brief, a great example of his artistic look and vibe; a bold yet naïve pattern reflecting the great outdoors and the creatures in it.

Then there’s Nathan McKee, an artist and illustrator also from Portland, whose paper-cutout style utilises simple lines and flat colour, inspired by growing up in the 1980s; his ‘Blue Trash Crab’ is available in the SAXX Ultra brief.

These styles are produced in collaboration with Plastic Bank, an organisation which works with coastal communities to incentivise recycling; stopping ocean plastic, while improving the lives of those who collect it. Collectors receive a premium for the plastic they gather, helping provide basic family necessities such as groceries, school tuition, and health insurance. Over 4,300 collectors across Haiti, Brazil, the Philippines and Indonesia have so far recovered over 12.5m kilos of ocean-bound plastic.

So, for every Blue Trash Crab or Fish Are Fly sold, you’ll help stop 50 plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

Is there anything better than super-comfy underwear that looks good, feels good AND does good? Probably not.