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Zamberlan designs new range of boots specifically for women

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For the first time in its 90 year history, Zamberlan has introduced a new line of boots that have been totally designed, conceived, tested and produced for the needs of the feminine fit, weight, energy, performance and aesthetics. The new ‘Epic Women’ range has been developed to honour the talent and legacy of courageous women who have changed the history of mountaineering.

The Epic Women line was conceived and designed by an almost all-female team with the following three factors at the heart of its creation:

  • · NEED – detailed research was carried out to discover the real needs of today’s female mountain, hill and nature lovers.
  • · CONSTRUCTION – the boots have technical features built specifically to accommodation the foot, the fit and the posture of women.
  • · SPIRIT – the range captures the fearless spirit of the first female ‘climbers’, who challenged the prejudices of their time and made history by opening the way in mountains and in life for all women.

The 330 Marie GTX is a beautiful boot that has been designed for trekking and backpacking. The upper is made of a soft full grain Tuscan leather, the insole provides great flexibility and comfort and the GORE-TEX lining will keep your feet dry all day long. The boot also has a soft collar and padding around the ankle and feels very lightweight.

Marie peacock 002

The 330 Marie GTX is dedicated to Marie Paradis – the first women to reach the summit of Mont Blanc. She was a waitress in a Chamonix inn and decided to set off without any mountaineering experience to climb Mont Blanc. On July 14th 1808, completely exhausted, she reached the summit without any prior training and with obsolete gear.

The 331 Amelia GTX is the perfect boot for trekking, day hiking or backpacking. The upper is made from a waxed nubuck leather and the boot has a GORE-TEX lining and soft insole for superior comfort. As soon as you put on this boot, your foot feels instantly comfortable. The PU Wedge in the midsole gives additional cushioning and there is also a rubber toe reinforcement for added protection.

amelia brown 002

The 331 Amelia GTX is dedicated to Amelia Edwards. The adventure of Amelia Edwards is reported in her book ‘Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys, A Midsummer Ramble in the Dolomites’. Throughout the summer of 1872, the fearless Englishwoman explored the Dolomites and describes traditions and characters, reaches peaks and inaccessible places and crosses rocky and panoramic paths guided purely by her great curiosity, inexhaustible enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge.

The 332 Henriette GTX is the ideal shoe for travelling, hiking and walking around the city. The upper is made of soft Tuscan suede leather and the GORE-TEX lining will keep your feet dry. It has a soft insole and rubber toe cap reinforcement to protect the front part of your foot. The Henriette is incredibly comfortable and looks beautiful with sports clothes or a pair of jeans.

henriette gtx brown 002

The 332 Henriette GTX is dedicated to Henriette d’Angeville. In 1838, the noblewoman and French traveler challenged opposing opinions, bad omens and heavy prejudices to follow her uncontrollable desire to climb Mont Blanc. At 44, with six guides and two bearers, she conquered extreme ascents and the cold and high altitude. Considered cray at the start, eventually she was celebrated when she came back safe and sound after her heroic adventure made her the second woman to have climbed Mont Blanc.

Zamberlan has also produced a special last specifically for women - the Zamberlan Women’s Fit. This can be found on all three products in the new Epic Woman range