Thursday, 15 November 2018 16:24

#Itsgreatoutthere campaign launches collaboration with

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The It’s Great Out There Coalition has announced details of its latest collaboration, with, the world’s only nature sports and wellness video platform.

The team at HorizonSports has created a dedicated #itsgreatoutthere channel with content designed to inspire more people to get active in the outdoors. In addition, the two partners have revealed a special subscription offer for members of the public to use and share with family, friends and colleagues. 

Following the instructions at and using the code i8EDm2JV, people can secure two months of free access to, followed by a 40% discount on an annual ‘gold’ level subscription to the platform.  In addition, everyone who takes advantage of the offer will be helping the coalition, as the #itsgreatoutthere campaign will benefit financially from each annual subscription that is redeemed this way, allowing for more investment in projects such as the #itsgreatoutthere grants programme.

The collaboration extends further, with extensive cross promotion by both organisations.  Videos that appear on the new #itsgreatoutthere channel will also be added to

Horizonsports itsgreatoutthere channel offer 002

and a weekly schedule of programming will be published by both partners and promoted through social media.  In addition, HorizonSports will promote #itsgreatoutthere through all of its own platforms, reaching over 300,000 viewers across Europe.

Andrew Denton, secretary general of the It’s Great Out There Coalition, comments: “We’re excited about this collaboration with HorizonSports, which will help us to reach new and even bigger audiences with positive, dynamic and inspirational content about outdoor participation. I urge people to go ahead and take advantage of the offer themselves and share the details with their own networks.”

Details of the offer are available to view, download and share here. For more information about the #itsgreatoutthere campaign, visit