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Ventile sees significant growth in sales of Organic Cotton Fabric

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High performance fabric manufacturer, Stotz & Co., has reported a 115% growth in its sales of Ventile® Organic Cotton Fabric over the past three year period (2015-2018).

The substantial increase in sales is the largest ever reported for the brand and indicate strong interest from global retail markets, consumers across multiple sectors and from farmers who are growing cotton organically. 

Organic extra-long staple cotton production accounts for 0.04% of overall cotton production worldwide. The cotton used to make Ventile® Organic Cotton Fabric is sustainably grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers and uses methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. 

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Ventile Marketing Manager, Daniel Odermatt, commented: “At the core of Ventile®, we’re committed to connecting social and environmental awareness with beautiful, well-made and performance-driven clothing. As a result, Ventile® Organic Cotton Fabric is a major component of our brand, which accounts for almost a third of our business

“The increasing awareness of the environmental implications of ‘fast fashion’ cotton production has further fuelled interest in and demand for Ventile® Organic Cotton Fabric and we only see this continuing to rise over the coming years.”

Developed in England in 1943, Ventile® is the world’s most effective, breathable, all weather natural fabric. Ventile®’s current range of textiles are 100% cotton and utilise the finest, long staple fibres, only found in the top 2% of the world's cotton crop. After gentle spinning and doubling, the yarn is woven into a very dense weave, which uses 30% more yarn than conventional woven fabrics, creating a premium end product.

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Designed to achieve the best possible balance of performance and comfort, Ventile® is highly water resistant due to the unique performance characteristics of the fabric. When it comes into contact with water, the densely woven fibres swell, closing the weave tight enough to stop water penetration. 

Ventile® fabric is used by some of the most prestigious and successful brands in the industry, including Edmund Hillary, Nigel Cabourn, Ralph Lauren, Barbour, Country Innovation and Purdey.