Tuesday, 24 August 2021 10:36

Jack Wolkskin announce new Pack and Go collection available from September 1st

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Throw on the backpack and venture out - into nature, into the world!

With JACK WOLFSKIN‘s lightweight PACK & GO gear, which is packable to amazingly small dimensions. This leaves more room for adventures! The all-season travel line’s items can be packed to a bare minimum volume (in its incorporated bag or the supplied stuff sack) and may therefore be taken anywhere.

7 JW Presskit Winter JW 21 Capsule Collection Pack and Go GB 2

JACK WOLFSKIN combines a classic, timeless style with well-conceived functional designs and high quality materials, creating versatile and perfectly combinable multi-functional items. They provide excellent protection in any weather, are extremely elastic, incredibly comfortable to wear, dry quickly - and are based on natural fibres and recycled materials.

7 JW Presskit Winter 21 Capsule Collection Pack and Go GB 3