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10 reasons why the coast is the perfect holiday destination

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The coast is a popular holiday destination for families and there is no chance this trend is ever going to end, us Brits just love a beach holiday and spending time beside the seaside. With so much to do and many coastal locations situated in the UK - we have put together a list of 10 reasons why the coast makes for the perfect holiday destination.

1. The beach

Of course, number one had to be the beach - the sand between your toes and the crashing waves, there nothing like it. All you need to do is pack some towels, a bucket and spade, a picnic basket and some games and there you have the perfect family day out. Many beaches allow you to hire deck chairs and windbreakers, whilst others even have beach huts so that your beach experience is as comfortable as possible.

2. Surfing or swimming

Now you might get caught up in some chilly weather but if you’re brave enough to take a dip you can enjoy relaxing in the sea. Many beaches have surfing shops close by that will have wetsuits and surfboards to hire as well as offering lessons for beginners.

fistral surf

Photo: www.cornwall-beaches.co.uk

3. Sandcastles

Spending the afternoon building sandcastles with your trusty tools - a bucket and spade. You can so build a moat or bury a family member in the sand just for some laughs and lots of photo opportunities. Keep an eye out for sandcastle competitions too as they are often held on many beaches throughout the UK during the summer.

4. Stunning coastal walks

The beautiful walks you can go on through the soft sand and grassy headlines. Soaking up the atmosphere and admiring the stunning views the seaside always has to offer.

south stack

5. Famous piers

There are many different iconic and famous piers in our seaside towns and visiting them is a must. Including many different attractions for all the family such as amusements, fair rides and places to eat. A visit to the pier is always a fun-filled and educational way to spend the day as well as a relaxing evening with beautiful views of the sea.

6. Rustic accommodation

Staying on the coast means setting up in fun accommodation such as a cute beach hut or a quaint cottage. Look into Classic Cottages who offer this type of accommodation to rent for the weekend up and down the UK - with Cornwall a popular choice for many.

7. Exploring gift shops

Looking in all the seaside gift shops that run along the seafront. You can buy all sorts from these shop whether its a postcard, sticks of rock or a new bucket and spade.

8. Rock pool investigating

Spending time discovering creatures and fish that live in the sea as well as delving deep within the rock pools. All that’s need for this is a bucket and a net so you can catch small fish, crabs and shrimp. Examine them in your bucket but remember to return your catch to its home when you have finished.

rock pools

9. Classic seaside entertainment

A selection of seaside entertainment such as donkey or horse rides for the kids to enjoy. This is an experience that children always love and remember. They carry the kids across the sand and you can walk alongside if you wish.

10. Fresh fish and chips

This really needs no explanation other than the fact everyone loves a good portion of freshly sourced fish with some chips when by the seaside. You won't get a better taste anywhere else - here are 10 of the best spots if you’re a foodie.