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London's Coolest Cycling Event - Mr Porter Nocturne

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London’s coolest cycling event - MR PORTER Nocturne - will be held on 9th June from 2pm - 10pm. The event is popular with cycling enthusiasts of all levels, including Olympic gold medallist Ed Clancy.

 In 2017, the Nocturne drew 475 racers and among the crowds were 20,000 spectators.


As the city celebrates 200 years of UK cycling, the free-to-attend festival has something for every type of cyclist including; Penny Farthing races, a fully-barriered circuit from which to spectate and world tour professionals.

Live music, event villages, big screens, bars and VIP hospitality areas create a unique atmosphere around the racing track, ensuring plenty of entertainment for all.

While you may only need one to attend this innovative celebration of cycling, here are nine reasons to be at this year’s MR PORTER Nocturne London.


1)    The coolest cycling event you’ll be a part of - Watch or ride in events like the Penny Farthing race during the daytime and then cheer on the elite riders under London’s streetlights in the evening.

2)    London’s city centre transformed - Cheapside, the historic and modern financial centre of London is transformed into a closed 1.2 kilometre circuit in the heart of the city. The finish line is dramatically positioned under the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral.

3)    Closed- circuit racing - Experience the speed, victories and crashes up close with thousands of others by lining the circuit barriers that snake their way around Cheapside.

4)    Concours d’élégance - Revel in the pageantry and pomp of the most polite cycling race of all time. Participants compete for the most elegant entry, best bike and most considerate cycling style.

5)    Chance to rub shoulders with UK’s best cyclists - Semi-pro and pro cyclists love MR PORTER Nocturne London as much as the public does.

6)    Something for all the family - Keep the kids busy away from the track with a range of entertainment and activities.

7)    Witness the booming fixed gear criterium racing - Brakeless bikes take racing to a whole new level. Be enthralled by the technical and aggressive racing and soak up the incredible atmosphere.

8)    Street food and drinks - It’s not only the cycling that will whet your appetite. You’ll find an array of top-class alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as delicious food at the hospitality area.

9)    Perfect way to begin Bike Week - MR PORTER Nocturne London is the perfect way to experience cycling whether you’re a fan of the sport or looking to change your lifestyle.

For more information on this year’s MR PORTER Nocturne London, head to: www.nocturnecycling.com