Wednesday, 19 January 2022 13:59

Finisterre launch Biosmock, their 1st fully circular biodegradable jacket

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Combining pioneering technical innovations with a tried and tested approach to building performance apparel, Finisterre is incredibly proud to launch the Biosmock.

The brand’s first fully circular, biodegradable jacket; built to perform over a lifetime of adventures, breaking down safely in soil and sea at the end of its useful life. A garment that has the potential to be climate positive through using regenerative practices.

Moving beyond the brand’s focus on ‘repair, reuse and recycle’, Biosmock has been designed with its end-of-life in mind from the offset. Collaborating with materials pioneers PrimaLoft® and HD®Wool to pair natural and synthetic materials to achieve a landmark zero-waste closed loop system. A system where products can be repaired and kept in circulation for as long as possible before the materials are eventually recycled and fed back into the manufacturing process or can be returned to the earth to biodegrade.

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Built as a practical outerwear piece, the insulated and water-resistant Biosmock can be layered beneath a waterproof or worn on its own as an outer shell, providing style, warmth, and comfort in all conditions. Finer details include fully biodegradable, recycled plastic poppers replacing zips and natural organic cotton stitching throughout. A meticulous level of detail that led the smock to be awarded with an ISPO Gold Award in the Outdoor Apparel category. A globally recognised seal of approval for innovation, quality and functionality bestowed on a small number of products each year.

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"This is the leading example of the Circular Economy in performance apparel. A practical insulation layer that uses the most advanced PrimaLoft BIO technology combined with HDWool wadding to create comfort in almost every condition. Champions the end-of-life: woven compostable shell & thermoregulating wadding. When all other items are trying to reduce their environmental footprint, this garment is climate positive through using regenerative practices." Jury statement: Charles Ross, Specialist Performance Sportswear Design

Built for life, not eternity. The Finisterre Biosmock will launch on January 18th 2022, exclusively via, retailing for £250.00. The product protected in transit and storage by Finisterre + Aquapak’s 'Leave No Trace' water soluble, compostable and recyclable packaging.