Thursday, 03 September 2020 10:50

New Nalgene SUSTAIN: sustainable bottles made from 50% recycled content

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Press Release: Hitting the shops at the end of September is the new Nalgene SUSTAIN range of drinking bottles, created from revolutionary Tritan™ Renew resin, powered by next-generation recycling technology that transforms single-use plastic waste, destined for landfills, into high performance, BPA/BPS and phthalate-free bottles. 

Nalgene, known for its tough and safe drinking bottles, is one of the first to use Tritan™ Renew in this new collection, fulfilling a critical demand among eco-conscious consumers.  Each bottle is made from 50% certified recycled content, the equivalent of eight single-use plastic bottles, as part of its ‘circular’ economy commitment without compromising on quality.

Nalgene range

The Nalgene SUSTAIN bottles are durable, taste and odour-resistant, leak-proof, BPA/BPS and phthalate-free and come with a life-time guarantee.  Available in seven colours, inspired by nature, you can choose a 1 litre/32 oz bottle with either a wide or narrow mouth for £14.99.  A 500 ml bottle (£12.99) will be launched in November. 

So how does Tritan™ Renew work?  This revolutionary recycling technology transforms single-use waste into durable materials, offsetting the use of fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.  It is enabled by a unique process that breaks down waste plastic back into its basic chemical building blocks, allowing plastic materials to be recycled again and again.


Nalgene established the reusable water bottle category in 1949 in a science lab in New York.  Since the 1970s the brand has kept its simple and highly functional one-cap, one-bottle design but introduced new colours and graphics to fit emerging active and green lifestyles.  Now, Nalgene SUSTAIN propels the brand’s mission forward offering consumers an even more sustainable reusable bottle and a way to actively participate in the ‘circular’ economy, the future of recycling.

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