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Updated for 2023 : Therm- a-Rest NeoAir NXT Series - XLite NXT & XTherm NXT

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Already Therm-a-Rest’s best-selling mattresses, the NeoAirXLite 3-season pad and NeoAir XTherm 4-season pad havebeen updated for 2023 to be even better than before!

 Seen as one of the outdoor industries’ most beloved pieces ofgear, the NeoAir XLite remerges in 2023 warmer, thicker andquieter than its predecessor! An enhanced R-Value of 4.5 andan extra 1.2cm of loft makes the XLite an even better choice forcomfort-conscious backpackers. And with an 83% noisereduction compared to the previous model,this new XLite NXTis destined to deliver a truly peaceful nights’ rest for you andyour fellow campmates. The XLite NXT has been reengineeredto deliver even greater warmth with absolutely no added weight,making this mattress a must-have for 3 season adventures.

11627 thermarest neoair xlite nxt solarflare regular top 1

11633 thermarest neoair xtherm nxt neptune regular top

The NeoAir NXT update also sees the beloved XTherm relaunched with an even more impressive R-Value than before–7.3–making it the warmest backpacking air mattress in the market today.And even more impressive is the XTherm’s weight reduction;Therm-a-Rest have added 1.2cmof loft to the XTherm but dropped the weight on each size, making this pad a backpackers’ dreamfor cold weather pursuits.

To enhance the comfort and versatility of thesemattresses even further,similar to the current XThermMAX, for 2023, both the XLite and XTherm NXT willbe available in the existing mummy shape andamorespacious rectangularshape, perfect forthoseseekinga little extra comfort and spacewhile they sleep.

Spring 2023 Therm a Rest NeoAir NXT UK 4 Spring 2023 Therm a Rest NeoAir NXT UK 5

The NeoAir XLiteNXTis available in sizes:Regular Short, Regular, Regular Wide, Large, MAX Regular Wide and MAX Large

The NeoAir XTherm NXT is available in sizes:Regular, Regular Wide, Large, MAX Regular Wide and MAX Large

The XLite NXT and XTherm NXT series are available from January 1st2023

XLite NXT Reg (RRP £200) XLite MAX NXT RW (RRP £225)

XTherm NXT Reg (RRP £250), XTherm MAX NXT RW (RRP £265

KeySpecs: XLite NXT(Regular size)

  • Weight:354g
  • Thickness: 7.6cm
  • R-Value: 4.5
  • Fabric: 30d HT Ripstop Nylon

KeySpecs: XTherm NXT(Regular size)

  • Weight: 439g
  • Thickness: 7.6cm
  • R-Value: 7.3
  • Top Fabric: 30d HT Ripstop Nylon
  • Base Fabric: 70d Nylon