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Maloja Road and MTB Jerseys with Polygiene: Tested and Reviewed Featured

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Cycling jerseys put up with a lot. Exposed to rain, road grime, energy gels and the potent sweat of the Mamil. Usually worn once then washed and worn again because usually after one hard ride the jersey needs dealing with at arms length. This shortens the life of any garment but Polygiene claim to have solved the problem and with Maloja providing one off test pieces I decided to see if they were right.

Maloja have produced jerseys of nice quality, well cut and form fitting. Lightweight with the road having a nice silicon gripper at the waist with an nice inspiring message  of "You're never lost on a bike" sewn into the fabric. A hidden three quarter zip allows for the mountain design to be kept true and it looks very good. Little niggles for me are I'd prefer a full zip and items in the rear pockets never felt secure. I was constantly checking my phone was safe. It never actually was in any danger of bouncing out at all but it constantly felt like it.

Polyg 1

The Mountain bike jersey just feels lovely. I've actually taken to wearing it off the bike. It feels as comfortable as a fresh cotton t-shirt and performs well on the bike. To repeat myself, mark of good kit is you not noticing it's there and this works.

However what I was really testing was the Polygiene. Is it as good as claimed.

polyg 2

I was asked to wear the garment for a few days without washing, I can do that. Actually having a little riding time over the bank holiday weekend and with a decent forecast for once, I set about on three days intense riding.

Living where I do I don't actually have many flat options and my regular 30mile leg loosener contains 500 metres of ascent. That'll do for day one. After beasting myself and producing a lot of sweat I threw the jersey on my bedroom floor and planned the next day over the Black Mountain.

I love this climb, I reckon it's the best in Wales by far. No stupid cattle grids like the tumble and less souped up Corsas than the Bwlch. A steady climb of about 7miles through woods alongside rivers before hitting the stunning mountainside and alpine like hairpins and finishing way beyond where you expect it too. Sometimes the only creatures you see are kites, sheep, wild ponies and Top Gear film crews. I love this climb and it fits perfectly into a 50 mile loop from my front door. Perfect.

However it is usually hit by a SW wind and that is as always, a headwind. That day was no exception and with the hot sun made for a tough climb. Which of course was exactly what I wanted. Feeling like a fresh jersey when I put it on I was impressed. The gel marks near the pocket confirmed it wasn't but there was no L'eau de Stu or essence of roadie. The jersey worked well wicking away any moisture and it was a nice comfortable day. Taking it off it didn't stick to my torso which was a shock. Most jerseys do after such a ride. Time to test it properly now, so unable to ride it next day I shoved it in a plastic bag to fester.

Polyg 3

Dragging it out of the bag I did, as asked, a sniff test. You could tell the jersey had been worn but not to the extent it had. It wasn't washing fresh but was wearable inoffensive and felt comfortable on. Not at all grubby or as we say in Wales "minging". Again I did my 30mile loop and again it felt good.

The Polygiene treatment is based on natural silver salt made from recycled silver (so that's where the silver I throw away goes!!) and it is embedded into the fabric and should last the lifetime of the jersey. Which if you need to wash it less and the with the treatment helping to protect the fibres from nasty sweat should be greatly increased. Polygiene is also Bluesign approved and on the list of Okotex approved treatments. No me neither.

Working in the industry I hear of amazing treatments and new fabrics all the time. Most to be honest show up as nonsense after a few years so I was cynical about how good Polygiene would actually be and I was glad to be pleasantly surprised. No this doesn't feel like a clean jersey every day but it easily coped with three hard days and nobody kicked me out of the cake shop for being smelly. I'm off cycle touring next week. Going to be riding from Belgrade to Tivat over the mountains with not much chance to get washing done. Guess which jersey I'm taking.

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Stu Thomas

A former bank worker now working for a major national outdoor company Stu is an avid mountain and road cyclist and tests kit for MyOutdoors around the BreconBeacons and South Wales. As a member of South Wales Mountaineering Club stu, along with partner Julie (who also tests for us) also both climbs and walks. When not tearing up mountain bike trails Stu can be found on the road either commuting by bike or taking part in muscle draining sportives in the Peak District.

With his retail experience and insight Stu is able to help us with real time buying trends and reviews based on a wide range of kit for comparisons. Stu has also started writing for MyOutdoors Blog, first documenting his "conversion" to a road cyclist and soon to be reliving some of his recent cycle tours that have taken in both the Balkans and Estonia/Latvia. You may even be able to pick him out in photos of wild camping in Magillicuddy's Reeks on the site - Stu gets around!

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