Thursday, 22 April 2021 11:30

Boa intensifies partnership with La Sportiva

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Trail running has been experiencing exceptional growth over the last decade. For runners the most important piece of equipment is their footwear – especially in the mountains where fit, support, and grip are critical to performance and safety.

That’s where fit innovators BOA Technology and long-term brand partner La Sportiva come into play, introducing an all-new mid to long distance trail shoe for spring 2021: La Sportiva Cyklon. BOA and La Sportiva first teamed up in 2015, developing and successfully launching the high altitude mountaineering boot G2 SM. Several specific mountaineering products have followed since, and in 2020 the first common trail footwear hit the market – the very light vertical trail running shoe La Sportiva VK BOA. From spring 2021 the brand-new La Sportiva Cyklon, a technical shoe for mid to long distance trails that integrates the BOA® Fit System perfectly, will complete La Sportiva’s comprehensive BOA-powered product collection.

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The BOA® Fit System provides trail runners with a high-performance fit, unprecedented stability, and a more consistent connection to the shoe’s midsole. This means: less energy loss, resulting in improved circulation, efficiency, and better endurance. BOA-powered trail footwear like the Cyklon is built to perform in the toughest trail conditions, from dirt to rocks, from mud to snow and ice.

“BOA and La Sportiva worked together to develop the Dynamic Cage™ for the Cyklon and the result is a precise fit, very good foothold and very comfortable trail shoe for difficult and rough terrain,” says Jonathan Wyatt, Mountain Running Product Specialist at La Sportiva.

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“Leveraging our findings in the Agility and Speed validation study, we worked with La Sportiva to ensure the Cyklon provided revolutionary fit and performance. Together we created the Dynamic Cage, powered by the BOA Fit System, to meaningfully improve endurance and agility.” - explains Daniel Feeney, PhD. Manager of Biomechanics Research, BOA Technology Inc.

Talented trail runner and BOA Commercial Manager Michael Kabicher adds: “La Sportiva is very open to be creative with possible BOA configurations. The used overlap construction and the BOA dial mounted on the side shows great results in our Performance Fit Lab. The BOA® Fit System configuration connects the foot better with the bottom plate for improved endurance. So, you can go further, faster, and stronger."