Monday, 23 September 2019 10:33

Nikwax and Paramo founder Nick Brown welcomes increased focus on environment

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Nikwax, Páramo and Nick Brown, have spent 42 years working towards combating climate issues. This has included commentary, philanthropy and driving tangible change within the outdoor industry, and within our brands.

Nick Brown EOCA Speech

“It was fantastic to see so many people take to the streets for #ClimateStrike. Human industrial activity emits huge amounts of CO2, contributing to climate change and long-term environmental damage.

 This is why Nikwax committed to carbon balance operational emissions across our entire 42 year history, and into the future. We do this through reforestation in partnership with World Land Trust.

It is also why we setup the Páramo Clothing Recycling Scheme, where we take back garments that are no longer needed and recycle them for others to use. We are committed to recycling garments, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions in the process.

While it’s great that so many individuals and businesses are more aware and more vocal on issues affecting our climate, we can all do more. I would encourage you all to consider the choices you make each day to help reduce your environmental impact.”

– Nick Brown, Nikwax & Páramo Clothing, Owner & Founder.