Wednesday, 27 March 2019 12:30

Jack Wolfskin launches #GOBACKPACK Camp with once-in-a lifetime competition

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Jack Wolfskin have ust launched #GOBACKPACK CAMP - a competition to win a three-day stay on an uninhabited island in Scandinavia, alongside fellow competition winners (x30), and influencers Anna Heupel (@annanassaft), Guerel Sahin (@guerelsahin) and Jonas Skorpil (@zrodyr).

The influencers will be running workshops on travel and sustainability, and guests can enjoy a programme of outdoor sports activities throughout their stay, and even a music act.

JW Competition 1

Entrants have multiple chances to win an exclusive stopover at the #GOBACKPACK CAMP by joining various competitions. All they have to do is apply on the dedicated landing page:

THE #GOBACKPACK-CAMPAIGN JACK WOLFSKIN evidently struck a chord with its digital ‘GOBACKPACK’ campaign. Since the creative campaign was launched (in 2017), countless young backpackers have displayed the ‘GOBACKPACK’ flag on their adventurous travels all over the world and have uploaded more than 1,500 videos of their doing so. And the hashtag #GOBACKPACK has been used more than 21,000 times.

The outdoor specialist is now taking things one step further with its innovative #GOBACKPACK CAMP: an exceptional camp will be set up on the small, remote, private Swedish island Bergholmarna for nine days from 20 to 28 July 2019. JACK WOLFSKIN is organising the entire infrastructure and the unique programme of events, from the kitchen and the tents to the outdoor sports activities, interesting workshops and a music act. A total of 90 people can spend three unforgettable days at the camp during three periods between 20 and 28 July.

GO BACKPACK CAMP will run from 20-28th July 2019. There will be three groups of 30 people on the island, for each period of three days. Winners (x30) are invited to ask two friends to join them on the island, with the other winners.