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Hydro Flask 16oz Flip Lid: Tested & Reviewed

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A couple of months ago my trusty travel mug that provided my caffeine intake on my regular lengthy drives suffered an unfortunate end. This put me immediately on the search for a replacement, without coffee long journeys are a struggle, right?

The search reminded me that we had reviewed a Hydro Flask before, so looking through their website I found they had a flask specifically called the Coffee in various sizes. I searched to see where I could get one but there didn’t seem to be anywhere stocking them in the UK. So I dropped an email to the PR company to find out where I could find one, the reply told me they weren’t released her yet, however there was a sample I could test. Sometimes things just fall in to place!

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As soon as it arrived it was put to use. The 16oz, 473ml in new money, is a perfect amount of coffee for me so I filled it up and out I went. This use has been repeated regularly through the week. The outer surface has a nice subtle texture on it, giving it a nice feel built in to my Mango coloured container, the surface has a subtle texture and it feels nice in hand.

Predominantly my Hydro Flask has held coffee, from experience my flasks, travel mugs or Thermos’s have held a bit of the strong odour coffee can leave. This one hasn’t, it cleans out well and even when it’s been left in a hot car for a couple of days the inevitable curd that occurs from my laziness washes away with no lingering taste.

The cap does get warm, it isn’t insulated like the lids on the hydration bottles but it it’s not as bad as some I’ve come across. The flip lid is a good set up, the clip that holds it in place is strong and the bung part of the closure has a rubber lining which creates the seal. My concern in the long term is it weakens but there is no evidence it happening any time soon.

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The clip holding the lid back isn’t as strong as the closure, there’s no reason for it to be either. It stops it flapping on to your face when you drink so it does its job. The main drinking hole is big enough to get a nice sip from, the air hole is close to it so big gulps when it’s full won’t be happening. The lack of little corners to clean makes it easy too.

IMG 4191

IMG 4192

Temperature wise I’ll let you judge for yourself. I concentrated on the heat aspect as that’s what will be the Flip Lid’s main draw. I carried out the test below using boiling water from the kettle, I didn’t pre-warm the flask, which is best practice for long term heat retention.


I was impressed with the outcome. If I was to complain about anything of the Hydro Flask it would be it keeps it too warm! Which is basically a compliment. On a commute I make my coffee about two hours before I want to drink it, if I keep it closed up it’s too hot to drink it. So I vent it a bit when I’m making it and pop the lid open a while before I’m ready for it. There would be no issue making a hot drink first thing in the morning, having it at lunchtime and it being cold.

I also have a 32oz Hydro Flask which has a wide mouth and the lids are interchangeable, the lid on the 32 ouncer is insulated so it would keep it hotter longer in the 16 ouncer if I swapped it over. Also, I can use the 32 ouncer as a drinks bottle keeping my water cool.

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Hydro Flask are also releasing a straw system which is compatible with the wide mouth giving it more options.

Overall as with the review carried out before Hydro Flask have come up with another solid product for use in the outdoors and everyday life. The colour range is extensive so there is a flask for everyone.