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Nevica Ladies Ski Helmet Reviewed

Written by Fiona Outdoors

There was a time, not so long ago, when ski and snowboard helmets were not the norm. If you have been skiing in recent years you might find this story had to believe but I can recall in the last decade when the majority of adults did not were a helmet. Kids, yes, grown ups, no. But things have dramatically changed.

In a similar trend to cycle helmets, skiers and snowboarders mostly now wear a helmet. Looking back I can’t believe that I spent the first few years of my snowboarding life without a helmet. The knocks and falls of this sport are legendary, especially when you’re learning, and I often ended a day on the slopes with a sore and bruised head. I can’t think why I didn’t wear a helmet but it just wasn’t what you did.

I have worn a helmet for at least the last six years and it has definitely prevented a few serious injuries. Not only have I taken an awkward fall because of my own ineptitude but I have also been crashed into and knocked over by others on the slopes. The usual point of contact is bum or hands and arms followed swiftly by my head. I’ve been hugely thankful for my helmet on many occasions.

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Ski helmets for women and men

As with many outdoors products, what started as a one-size-fits-all-adults item, ski helmets have progressed a great deal and are made to fit men and women separately. To start with, women’s heads, on average, tend to be smaller and narrower so a helmet to fit a smaller head helps a great deal. Women don’t always want their outdoors kit to look uni-sex so manufactures now design products to be more girlie.

I was sent a Ladies Nevica Ski Helmet to try and immediately spotted that this was a product that had girlie touches but without being overtly girlie. It is black with pretty purple detailing, which makes it girlie enough for most female skiers but not in-your-face pink and sparkly. This suits me!

A ski or snowboard helmet also needs to stack up on the safety checklist and the Nevica does just that. It has, I am told on the label, an EPS impact liner coupled with a hard, polycarbonate outer shell to absorb shock upon impact and provide you with superb protection while out on the slopes. In addition, it has been CE EN1077 tested and certified.

The helmet features an adjustable chin strap teamed with a quick adjuster to the rear for a great fit. A soft padded interior provides comfort and air vents allow you to increase airflow whenever you need to. Usefully, there are full ear covers to keep the wind out of your ears when zooming down the slopes and multiple air vents that you can open/close when needed. Thegoggle retainer clip to the back of the helmet is, as they say in skiing circles, sweet!

What I like about the Ladies Nevica Ski Helmet

The helmet fits like a glove. It’s lightweight so you don’t feel encumbered by it, yet robust enough to make you feel quite safe. It doesn’t move about on your head and the quality seems really good. This helmet is a lot neater and streamlined than my own snowboard helmet but I expect that is because it’s more modern than mine.

I love the venting system because there are days when you get very hot snowboarding and days when the windchill makes it very cold. The ear covers are also good enough to keep out the wind but have useful vents so you can hear what your partner has to say. The chinstrap has a lovely soft cover so that it doesn’t annoy your chin. And I can confirm that the goggles are kept in place by the retainer clip.

Things I’m not so sure about

There is very little to dislike about this helmet. In fact, I can’t think of anything. It RRPs at £79.99 but if that doesn’t sound too good you might prefer to pay £17.99 here. I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t buy this helmet, unless you already have one or don’t ski!

Further info from Nevica

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