Thursday, 27 August 2020 09:28

Élisabeth Revol to release English translation of extraordinary and tragic Nanga Parbat rescue

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On 1 October French climber Élisabeth Revol is to release an English translation of Vivre, the story of the infamous rescue operation that followed when she became the first woman to summit Nanga Parbat in winter in 2018.

Shortly after she and her climbing partner Tomasz Mackiewicz reached the top, their adventure turned into a nightmare as Tomasz was struck by snow blindness and was unable to be saved by fellow climbers who flew in from K2 to help the stricken pair.

To Live

The book was translated by climber and journalist Natalie Berry who commented, ‘It was a pleasure to translate Élisabeth's compelling story. It was so gripping that I sometimes had to force myself to stop and take a break – I just wanted to turn the page even though I knew the tragic outcome. Élisabeth's philosophy on climbing, life and loss makes for an inspiring read. I hope I've done enough to put across what Élisabeth wanted to say about Tomasz Mackiewicz, her close bond with him and their final climb together.'

To Live is Élisabeth Revol’s poignant tribute to her friend and climbing partner. For more details please visit the Vertebrate Publishing website (