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Bergahus Vapour Light Short Sleeve Crew Reviewed

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When it comes to base layers you could easily be excused for thinking there's a choice between high price and low price, with high price being the best. The reality is that there's 3 distinct types of base layer and price is only part of the equation.
The Berghaus Vapour Short Sleeve Crew, we'll call it the Vapour from here on, is a synthetic base layer; designed to be lightweight, fast wicking and quick drying, and as such shouldn't be compared to a merino which is designed for different uses. Being polyester it's going to be at the cheaper end of the price range for base layers but that's down to the cost of manufacture rather than the quality of the product.


The Vapour is ideal for fast moving, high energy, sports where it really demonstrates its ability to wick sweat quickly away and its fast drying properties. As with all synthetics the Vapour feels slightly cold at first but the feel is almost as soft as a natural fabric and is very breathable.
Polyester has traditionally had issues with odour resistance and while Berghaus have worked hard on their Polygiene® odour free technology you have to accept that it's never going to come close to the natural odour resistance of fabrics like merino. You can get away with a full-on long day on the hill without noticing the smell but push it for a full weekend and you'll be glad of its fast drying properties. This is always going to be the case with totally sysnthetic base layers and it's a question of weighing up the best technology for a particular activity and duration.

Overall the Vapour is predictably well made and used for the right activities performs superbly. The fit and fabric are both very comfortable and the wicking and drying abilities superb. While the problem with sysnthetics and odour hasn't been cracked it's as good as any other synthetic around in this respect and can often be compensated for by its fast drying. At a street price of under £30 it's certainly value for money and every outdoor wardrobe should have a mix of natural and sythetic base layers.


Price: £35

Weight: 126g

Colour: Slate Stone / Infinity Green, Pure White / Slate Stone, Electric Blue, Slate Stone / Black, Aquamarine / Atlantic Blue


•Stretch panels over the shoulder give unrestricted movement
•A new open knit structure creates a highly breathable, lightweight and efficient main body and the underarm mesh is placed in high perspiration areas
•Fabric: Argentium® powered by Polygiene®
•100% polyester
•Permanent odour resist through the use of Polygiene® odour free technology
•Permanent UPF of 30+ (excluding mesh)
•Permanent moisture management through the use of a denier gradient structure


Pros: Lightweight, fast drying, comfort fit

Cons: average odour resistance

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