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Bolle Aeromax: Tested and Reviewed

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I've managed to get a few rides in this summer. Unlike a lot of people I actually adore the heat. I think I'm actually part lizard and out on the bike the feeling of the sum on my skin is pretty close to my idea of heaven. Of course with all this sun it's been the perfect chance to test out some sunglasses including the striking Aeromax from French company Bolle.

Bolle are a well known brand in cycling, currently being the glasses provider for my favourite brown shorted pro team Ag2R. In addition to this they sponsor the UCI Continental team CCB Foundation Sicleri providing them with the Aeromax glasses which I have been extensively testing this summer. 

Supplied with both a hard case and a soft case which as usual doubles up as cleaning cloth the glasses certainly eye catching especially the Matte White-Orange version I was supplied with. One note thank you Bolle for calling the colours white and orange for that is indeed what they are. I'm so tired of companies calling colours things like elderberry, sunset, dog eggs or whatever. I'm a simple bloke. I only know about 5 colours and these glasses are white and orange not carrot and enamel. So again thank you Bolle. Tres Bon!

Bolle 1

Anyway rant over and like I say these are pretty distinctive sun specs. The HD Classic TNS Fire lens consisting of a grey lens and a red mirror, certainly add to the looks and the looks say fast. Even in the box these glasses look like they're travelling at speed. Despite my aversion to orange I really like the look. I'd have to say they should only be worn with a helmet on the bike as you can look a bit like a sci-fi character wearing them out and about but that's fine cycling glasses should be worn just on the bike.

So how do they perform you may ask? Well first lets do a bit of geekery and talk about the technologies involved. The frame features Thermogrip adjustable temples and nose piece allowing a tailored fit. It's worth playing about with this a little as the neutral fit did slip on my sweaty nose a bit.. The lens has an oleophobic/hydrophobic and anti fog coating and feature B-Clear NXT technology resulting in superb optical clarity and never once fogging up even on a humid ascent of Cairngorm mountain road. The lens is also interchangeable (not supplied)

Bolle 2

Like I said it's worth spending a little time getting the nose piece and the temple pieces to fit. Once done the Aeromax stick like glue. They feel comfortable and are extremely light on the face. I combined the Aeromax with a normal helmet and with an Aero road lid and they fitted perfectly , with arms over the straps and not interfering with the helmet fit in any way. The lenses don't mist up on long climb, sweat drips off instantly and on 45mph descents they're secure protecting the eyes from wind and producing no real wind noise. The Aeromax are certainly designed for high speed riding. The lenses provide a clarity that I've rarely seen. Potholes are clear and dappled light provides no issues at all even flying in and out of tree cover I always felt total confidence that nothing was hiding in the shadows. Possibly the best lens I've used  If I've one problem it's the arms are sometimes in the peripheral vison and can be distracting but that's a minor point. 

Finally I subjected them to one special test. The canalside dusk midge cloud test. Again they performed pretty well and although one or two of the insects penetrated their defences the Aeromax are really easy to take on and off whilst riding. So a pass with flying colours (orange and white)

At a price point starting off at around £130 the Aeromax are a competitive price point yet perform as well a pair twice the price. If you are looking for a proper pair of cycling glasses then you could do a lot worse and do you know what, you'll look fast even if you're not.


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