Sunday, 19 June 2016 07:36

Rab AL Pull On - Tested and Reviewed

Written by James MacKeddie

Having something light and warm is essential when hitting the trail in the winter months, for when the temperatures force you to layer up or you get benighted. The Rab AL Pull On is a stretch fleece pull over, mapping the contours of your body, wrapping you up in comforting thermal hug, whilst allowing freedom of movement.Rab Al Pull On Front

I say it maps the contours of your body because it is a slim fit. I wore a size small, which fitted pretty much perfectly (I do seem to be the size model for Rab small across many years of products), and even if you are a small in regular clothing, the Polartec Power Dry has enough stretch to get over those winter reserves.

The sleeves are spot on, not too tight, avoiding arm pump, not so baggy they become a hindrance. In many ways, wearing the Al Pull On, is like wearing a thick baselayer.

Polaretc Power Dry is designed to wick moisture away and to dry quickly. Given its easy to generate heat and the last thing you want is wet clothes in winter, it does a great job. Arm pits as ever are damp regardless, but that’s a me thing. I could probably do with cutting them out as I am a sweat producing machine regardless of the time of year or weather. To help keep smells at bay for those multi day runs, climbs and epics, Polygiene Silver Ion technology treatment has been applied which prevents bacteria from breeding and releasing toxins. It does a good job, given my sweat levels, of keeping vile odors at bay and really encourages you to keep wearing the top. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to washing mid and outer layers, so this is a huge bonus for me.


Rab Al Pull On micro grid 

The deep YKK chest zip is great for venting heat and aiding getting the Al Pull On, on and off. A chin guard prevents irritation and despite the stretch in the material, the zip stays strong with a reliable action.

Rab Al Pull On head

The AL Pull On is a simple garment in design, yet packs a technical punch against the elements best attempts to freeze you. The fit is slim, yet unrestrictive, with the Polaretc® fabric giving reliable warmth. I was happy to sit in this around the house, just as much as in the mountains. For those days when you need that little extra, the Rab AL Pull On provides an added layer of insulation with no bulk.

Price £60 – Further information on the Rab website.