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Ekster solar powered tracker wallet tested and reviewed

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There's something about skiing that seems to make the mind go blank to everything outside the immediate now. But while your attention is elsewhere it's so so simple to leave a pocket unzipped and think nothing of it until you reach for your wallet at the mountain restaurant.  

From cash to bank cards and ski pass to hotel room card your wallet stores the essentials for your winter holiday, but leaving it all on the piste doesn't have to include your wallet. Eksters solar powered tracker wallet means you don’t need to panic if you had one too many Genepi’s on the slope…. or of course where skiing just so damn hard……

What the Manufacturers say:

We started this brand because we saw a lack of efficiency with EDC products: peoples products didnt make sense for them. Why should you carry around a clunky wallet with unnecessary bulk when you really only need 5-6 cards? We patented our own easy access cardholder: at the click of an ergonomically placed button, all your cards are presented in a smooth, staggered manner. The design of this slim wallet means you can fit the most cards in the smallest space and be able to gracefully access them at any time. Every product we release is designed with a goal of optimal efficiency.

Wallet 1

Your wallet is more than your moneyIt is your data, your identity, and your way to move through the world! Thats why we chose to safeguard every aspect of our EDC products. When you purchase a wallet, youre not only getting an RFID secured credit card holder but a trackable card holder too. With our crowd GPS technology, your slim wallet can connect remotely to your phone so you can always find it at the click of a button. The app will provide you with its exact location, and will even give you directions back to it!


  • Slimmest #SmartWallet
  • Solar-powered Tracker
  • Quick card access mechanism
  • Stores at least 9 cards
  • RFID/NFC blocking 4-6 cards
  • Multi purpose, 3 folded bills cash
  • Wordlwide traceability
  • Crowd-GPS and Bluetooth
  • Wallet and phone ringing feature
  • 3 hours solar charge lasts 1 full month

Ekster solar powered tracker wallet on test:

So, it had been a day of ‘powder hunting’ ( well, today, not much pow more ‘ like cardboard’ ) in La Grave. An iconic ski destination I’d heard much about and finally had the chance to explore. And it did not disappoint. Our guide, Olivier, had taken us far and wide, away from the crowds, a bit of boot packing here and banana ( no fall zone today??!!) couloir there….. no break for a lunch stop … well - when the last lift is about 15:30 - there isn’t much point. Finally after braving the bumps through the trees one last time and with thighs like the Titanic, it was time to head to the restaurant at the top of  La Grave’s 40-year-old lift at 3,200m.

Wallet 2

Inside, I spot posters of a local favourite, the Chocolate Vert. Must try that, I think. A hot chocolate with a healthy dose of Chartreuse was just the thing….. to knock me out after a full on day skiing. That and a  creamy carbonara. With a wobble, I head off, flushed and happy, back to the valley for a shower and a rest. Only to find my wallet vanished. With utter panic as it had all my credit cards, drivers, licence and sports insurance inside. What would i do? - how could i even drive home! Well, there was nothing I could do unfortunately until the next day when I joined the queue to buy a lift pass ….. there it was. Someone had handed it in. J’ai de la chance.

Wallet 6

So off i go again, ski pass in pocket….. for day two….. and then, as then afternoon went by, I try and pass the lift barrier, and start frantically hunting for the ski pass which was no longer in my pocket. I couldn’t have done it again could i? Yes it floated off down the mountain to join the others in ski pass heaven. Fortunately I was taken pity on and the liftie let me on…. where I swore I was going to get my hands on one of those solar powered tracker wallets I’d heard of. If anyone needed one. I did. 

So a week later, I’m packing ( not all) my credit cards and lift pass into the ‘Parliament wallet.’ In Steel Blue colour, it looks more suited to the boardroom than the piste. Very stylish indeed, especially how the cards spring out all separated at the push of a button so you can see them all, rather than scrambling around, club fingered in ski gloves, likely causing more cards to go flying. When synced with the TrackR app, you can immediately search for your lost wallet, causing it to send out little beeps, and showing its rough location on a map.

Wallet 4

I’ve taken the wallet out skiing a few times now and as yet have not had to recharge the solar panel, which is super tiny and lightweight, despite spending most of its time in bags and pockets. The designers, you see, have developed it so that doesn't need direct sunlight. It’s low-energy, slim, and they say -can last for two whole months without being charged, as it takes it light from anywhere. It’s also robust as well as looking very stylish, and so far there are no scratches or damage. For me, the only thing is there isn’t much room for cash. But generally these days, even in the solitude of the mountains, you’ll find huts mostly now take credit cards - so maybe just slip in some paper money to keep yourself covered - and the wallet works really well for a day on the hill.

Wallet 5

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