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British South Asian Women set their sights on Kilimanjaro

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A group of South Asian women from around the UK will be climbing the tallest freestanding mountain on the planet, Mount Kilimanjaro, in amonumental self-funded trip.

15 South Asian women determined to conquer the roof of Africa, and in doing so, make way for others who like them crave adventure. Having partnered with WHOA travel, where empowering and connecting women is at the heart of everything that they do, these women have chosen to share THEIR stories. This documentary will follow the group from training in the UK through to the climb in Tanzania, all the while delving into the themes of representation, identity, breaking boundaries, and everyday acts of courage, revealing intimate interviews with the women throughout their journey.

Climb Kili With AWMB Pack Final 2

When this group decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro they did so with as much of an intention to be seen as to reach the summit. To make space not just for themselves, but for others who may follow. They are singleton millennials, mothers, grandmothers, professionals and business owners. These fifteen women have been training and exchanging stories with the aim of conquering Mount Kilimanjaro together. Each woman is unique and brings with them a plethora of experience of life which will help them on this journey, from the 62-year-old retired teacher, the 46-year-old corporate escapee turned award-winning chef to the 30-yearold trader. For the first time ever, these women have come together to rewrite the rule book handed down to them and change not only their own perspectives but also, of the world around them for generations to come This is her story. This is their story. This is YOUR story.

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These women believe an important part of taking this adventure includes making a difference to the local community, and that every travel experience is more special and meaningful if you immerse yourself and connect with the people and their culture. They have collectively come together to sponsor a place for one Tanzanian woman to join them on this epic hike. Local women cannot afford to undertake this adventure and it’s their privilege to be able to do this for a fellow sister. They will also be spending time with one of the local Tanzanian womenrun social enterprises that empowers and changes the lives of disenfranchised women in the community. SHIRIKISHA is a social enterprise that works with deaf people and other individuals who want to make a change in their lives and the lives of others. Connecting in this way is heart-warming and eye-opening and gives more depth to their Tanzanian adventure!

So far the team have raised £20,000 of their £90,000 goal and are looking for backers and sponsors. Visit to donate Or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for bespoke sponsorship packages