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Fat Lad at the Back Hexy Multi Short Sleeve Jersey: Tested and Reviewed

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Many of you have probably heard of Yorkshire based company Fat Lad at the Back. First appearing on my radar on Dragons Den and being highly visible at trade shows it's a brand I've been interested in and followed from afar. I was helping out at a sportive last year and a colleague pointed out someone wearing a FLAB kit. Looking around I noticed a lot riders were wearing similar kit and it looked half decent on all shapes and sizes so when I was offered a chance to test a bit of it I was interested in seeing how it suited a skinny guy like me,

 Fat Lad at the Back have a refreshing outlook to business. Cycling especially roadies quite often take it far too seriously. Certain clothing brands get away with inferior products sometimes because of the name attached whilst people wearing it adopt the attitude of drivers of certain German cars. FLAB is a brand which claims to be for everyone and actively encourages people onto bikes. I remember when I carried extra weight I generally wore a lot of cheap loose kit and one thing I'd hear a lot when in the old day job was people not wanting to wear the correct clothing because of how they'd look. Totally understandable but counter productive.

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Any intense activities are made easier, more comfortable and safer when using the correct kit. Big cycle rides need to be done in Lycra shorts and correct cycling jerseys. Using the wrong kit will soon put newbies off and back on the sofa. FLAB set about redesigning cycle wear. Most companies catering for the bigger rider just size up but as FLAB say:

"We didn’t just want to size up our gear, we wanted to redesign traditional garments so that they would properly fit and flatter the new ‘average’ size of cyclist. It took months to track down a manufacturer who understood that we wanted cyclewear which didn’t make the wearer look like a shrink wrapped chicken and who prepared to make the larger sizes and pattern changes we required. "

But all of this wouldn't be any use if the kit was no good so over the summer I've been testing the Hexy Short Sleeve Jersey, which according to the FLAB website features the following

  • New antibacterial StayFresh fabric
  • Lightweight, breathable and wicking so you won’t feel clammy
  • Soft touch stretch Lycra cuffs
  • YKK ® cam lock zipper
  • 3 generous back pockets
  • Reflective zip pocket
  • Silicone hem keeps the jersey in place
  • Clever body friendly design flatters all shapes and sizes

On first wear the jersey felt a little strange. Most of the stuff I've been riding in the last few years is a racing cut with a little bit of compression. The FLAB jersey has different cut with perhaps a little more space for the belly. The arms are a racing cut and surprisingly snug on my stick like biceps. I like this it means no annoying flapping and is more aero for extra speed. The sleeve doesn't feature grippers which is another plus for me.

 lads ss hexy multi cycling jersey back 1

The rear pockets are easily accessible when riding and the security zipped product features a water resistant liner keeping your sweat out of your phone charging socket and keeping the lens clear for those all important selfies.

The hexagon design is certainly nice looking and the different colours mean that the more posing cyclist can pair it with a number of bikes or glasses. It really feels like a lot of thought and care has gone into how the jersey looks which is nice. I like products that are cared about by the producers and this will come out to the benefit of the end user.

Performane wise the Hexi works. It just works. The use of full length YKK zip is a sign to the quality materials used in the jersey and it does eveything a jersey should and with a RRP of £59.99 it out performs a brands that are twice the price. 

FLAB have come up with own sizing guide and I'm not even going to try and expalin it here. Go to their website and follow the instuctions. If you don't fully understand just ring them they'll help you measure up altough it maybe wise to have somebody from Yorkshire by your side for translation issues. Sizing guide can be found here

lads ss hexy multi cycling jersey front 1

Further info on the jersey can be found on here

Thank You to Emma "Chatty Lass in Office" for all your help and answering questions (and for calling me skinny)

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