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Gloryfy G3 Black Polarised unbreakable sunglasses tested and reviewed.

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Designed and manufactured in Austria, Gloryfy sunglasses are designed to be unbreakable, and to-date they're exactly "what it says on the tin". We've thrown everything at them and thrown them at everything but unbreakable really does seem to mean unbreakable.

 Gloryfy 2

What the manufacturers say:

The technology in these things is insane. Gloryfy Unbreakable is dedicated to making the highest quality sunglasses and their relentless focus on R&D is unparalleled. With a wind and dust protection ratio of 94.5%, the G3 is perfect for wind, water and snow sports. This G3 Black Polarised model has polarised lenses, effectively eliminating reflected light waves. Ideal for water sports.


Unbreakable » Sunglasses return to their original position even after strong deformation.

  • Polarised » I-Flex polarisation lenses effectively eliminate reflected light waves. Using a filter foil that is optimised to give a perfect polarised effect while still allowing modern, digital displays to be read.
  • Highest optical quality » The I-Flex material used for the lenses yields the highest optical quality (Abbe 44). In comparison to polycarbonate (Abbe 31) and 1.67 material (Abbe 32).
  • Lightweight » A major advantage of NBFX material is the weight. With a specific weight of 1.11g/cm2, Gloryfy glasses weigh less then glasses constructed of more common materials.
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection » 100% protection against UV rays (280 to 400nm) and, depending on the lens colour, also against dangerous blue light.
  • PCCM Power Contrast Colour Mode - Colour-fastness technique traps colour inside the lens, ensuring colours remain deep and vibrant (conventional lenses are simply dipped in colour baths).
  • Quick Change Lens System (QCLS) » allows prescription or different colour lenses to be easily swapped in.
  • RX SunOptics » Gloryfy sunglasses can be optically glazed with your individual prescription
  • Base curve 9 » The strong curvature of the front part (base 9) guarantees optimised closure of the glasses, excellent protection against solar radiation or mechanical influences (dirt, stones, etc.) and perfect grip on the head of the wearer.
  • Made in Austria

Gloryfy Unbreakable G3 measurements

 Gloryfy G3 sunglasses on test:

When WildBounds sent us the Gloryfy G3 for review we were somewhat sceptical about the "unbreakable" claim. It's a bold claim to make when you're in the outdoor adventure market and if true it's a major selling point - so we were committed to seeing just how far we could push the limits.

Before looking at the "unbreakable" claim, however, a pair of sunglasses need to function as sunglasses first. Fortunately the early summer has given us plentiful opportunities to put the G3s to the test with everything from fishing to walking and paddle boarding to downhill mountain biking.

The fit is classic wrap-around, but from first use you can feel there's tension in the arms; a tension that serves to hold the glasses securely in place but isn't so strong as to cause pressure at contact points. Once in place the G3 form a close fit to the face with minimal, if any, light entering from above and no light ingress around the sides. The polarised lenses worked particularly well in extremes including in bright sunshine refecting of a large body of water - possibly the ultimate test, and importantly there was minimal core colour distortion even with the default lenses.

Gloryfy 4

The G3 glasses use the Quick Change Lens System (QCLS) which allows the user to replace the lenses with a choice of coloured lenses, or even the fitting of prescription lenses.

Gloryfy 5

So they tick every box when it comes to vision and comfort but how about that unbreakable claim? Well we sat on them, flexed them backwards and forwards repeatedly, held them for prolonged periods in an unnaturally wide fitting to no avail. They simply rebounded to their original shape the moment the pressure was released. We dropped them from 40 ft onto flagstones and they bounced. Not only did they prove to be extremely resilient under stress but even dropping them onto flagstones failed to put a scratch on them. Water bounces off them and the close fit prevented any wind getting into the eyes, even on dusty downhill trails.

Gloryfy 3

The Gloryfy G3 are a premium product and it shows from the external packaging, which is almost Apple-like in its quality, to the lightweight but rigid case for storage. At £119 you'd expect a quality product and despite our initial scepticism about the unbreakable claim we have to admit that to date they've taken every kind of abuse we've thrown at them from grit and wind to water and bright reflections and they've lived up to the claim. With the option to fit different, and prescription lenses, we're looking forward to years of use, secure in the knowledge that a momentary lapse in concentration isn't going to see the arms snap or the grip loosen.